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Shutterstock is a subscription based website that deals with providing stock photos for members that can be used for a variety of ways. The website was primarily designed for amateur photographers trying to find a market for their own photos and images. It has since included professional photographers who wish to earn more from their stock photos.


In essence, Shutterstock is a stock photograph website. Members can upload and store their stock photos into the website that other members can also access.

Membership is not limited only to amateur and professional photographers, although these are the major contributors to the site.

Other members include website developers, website designers and other people interested in collecting stock photos to use either online or through other means.

Subscription Based Site

In order to become a member, one has to register at the Shutterstock website. There is a different form that photographers fill up from those who wish to access and download the stock photos.

For members who wish to download, there are a number of subscription option available that requires certain fees dependent on the chosen subscription.

Submitting Photos

Photographers who wish to submit their stock photos on Shutterstock also need to register and fill out the necessary online forms detailing the essential information needed by the site.

An account for each registered photographer is made where payments for used stock photos are made. Revenue for the stock photos comes every time a submitted photo or image is downloaded by a subscribed member. Payment is made after a certain amount is reached over a certain period.

Shutterstock is a very useful website especially for photographers trying to find a market for their stock photos. But usually the earnings provided for at the website may not be as attractive as compared to other means.

Photographers may find it hard to depend on the earnings made on the site for a living. At best, Shutterstock provides an additional opportunity for photographers to earn from their original stock photos, but not as the main means or earning a living.

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