Choosing the Best Ads to Monetize Your Website

Online advertising is a booming trend across the globe. With thousands of ad sites available today, choosing the best online ad solution can be quite a difficult task. Read on, as this article guides you through four of the best ad sites available.


If you are building your website for your business, it pays to consider Google AdSense as an initial source of income. You can enroll in this ad site to enable text, image, video ads on your site. These ads generate revenue on either a per-impression or per-click basis. Currently, Google is beta-testing a cost-per-action based service

AdSense is a good ad site because it does not require you to pay to join or use it. It is also simple to use: just copy-paste the Adsense code into your web pages and you are good. AdSense also saves you much time and hassle as it does all the hard work. Tracking and testing are also simple. Lastly, AdSense can be used on more than one site.


Adbrite is a great ad site. Here, you can find high paying CPM ads that pay per thousand impressions and can control the ads that display. Adbrite allows you to advertise your business anywhere you want, at the rate that best suits you. Adbrite is huge, serving around 620 million impressions daily on 48,974 sites.

After inserting the HTML for the ads to the site, the advertisers will start bidding to place their ads on your site. Adbrite accepts or rejects the ads for you. One of the best things is that Adbrite allows you to set a minimum CPM price. You can also have other ads display when Adbrite is not able to find companies that want to pay the minimum charge.


Clicksor is one of the top AdSense alternatives. It has a high cost per click bid values than any other AdSense alternatives, enough for you to earn a decent income. Many people also claim that it is more tolerant than Google. Clicksor also has an edge over some of the other other ad sites in that the ads are context sensitive. It has the technology that will show ads that are targeted to your site’s content.


Bidvertiser is also a good ad site, offering some intriguing ad formats such as what is referred to as free design. This format allows you to specify the dimensions and look of your text ads. You can also customize your ad layout using a simple point-and-click tool. This will help you in retaining the high quality of your site.

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